pizza alla carbonara

You’d think that for someone who weeped slightly while watching SATC the-Village-wet-dream in her Vancouver apartment 15 years ago, and now replays movies like…

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baked amaranth featured header

Holiday Sidedish Baked Amaranth

(简体)(繁體) Can we put Halloween behind us now?  Are we done with all the spider cookies, bloody fingers, mummy candies and you-don’t-even-wanna-know-what-I-thought-about-making Halloween treats?…

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egg crepe featured header

Egg Crepes

(简体)(繁體)  I think that more than lunch, or dinner, or snacks and what-nots, people tend to have a more fixated idea on what a…

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creme brulee pie freatured header

Forgive Me I Have Pie-d…

(简体)(繁體) The only equivalent comparison in life to this would be:  In our last two years in New York when we were practically cast out of…

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jiucai knish featured header

Asian Hot Pocket

(简体)(繁體) But whom am I kidding?  EVERYTHING I make apparently is very confused!  I mean what is THIS!??  I was previously calling it “Asian…

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hot spring eggs featured header

The Perfect O

(简体)(繁體) My tormenting yet bittersweet affair with eggs has been nothing short of a Hollywood love story.  It began as mutual loath in early…

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duck ragu spinoff featured header

Duck Ragu Spinoff

(简体)(繁體) Like maybe how it brings me back to a perfect bistro setting on a perfect corner in Paris, or maybe how I found…

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