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Drop down on a point back in time, all the way back in my 500-sqft studio in New York when I was joyfully smooching a pint of Ben’n Jerry’s which I casually grabbed from the downstair 24hr-deli, and tell me that in the not-so-distant future, anytime-access to my beloved collection of ice cream-babies would be a thing of the past… I’d cover their ears (hush hush… bad people… bad people…) then tell you nicely to go kiss your own mad arse.  Hey, I was a young, naive and ignorant little shit who thought New York City wasn’t the center of the universe.  Can I please get it back if I apologize?

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Sweet Mac


I was actually going to talk about something else with you.  Yeah.  It was a dough.  But I killed it.  So instead, let’s discuss mac’n cheese.  Does anybody object?  Thought so…  What is there to be added about mac’n cheese?  I mean every specimen of cheese or even just cheese-like substances that walk this earth have probably been tested as part of this classic creation.  Single-cheese or in groups.  Fancied-up or down-home.  Baked or loose and runny…!  It’s safe to say this market is too saturated to be enter.


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