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For someone who’s technically unemployed, I don’t know if this would violate the definition of such word but actually, for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been enjoying some sort of a “holiday”.  Well… a holiday on house-arrest if you will, but nonetheless, a holiday.  Despite the… minor inconvenience that we’re currently bound to the last place on earth that we’d like to spend more time in, Jason had decided to take the longest vacation-days he’s ever taken in his entire work-life, ever, an entire 14 blissful days to spend on doing something that we’ve practically elevated to an art-from… that is to do ab-so-lute-ly… nothing.READ MORE

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IT IS Fourth of July.  You’re busy.  I know.  But just let me squeeze in a couple minutes of your time because if you missed this, it would be the second greatest mistake of your life for we all know that the first in rank is always some hair cut (can’t beat that).  Guys… this is your emergency Independence Day dessert.  A discovery made after a kitchen-mistake of historic proportions, and in corresponding spirit of this holiday, proves again that greatness is often times a by-product of bad ideas.  And this, this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened after the establishment of long weekend.  What it is, is a gelato.  Not any gelato, but the creamiest, virtually zero air-molecules or ice-crystals gelato, that makes itself.


It can be the base for any gelato flavour imaginable.  No machine, churning, whipping cream or whatsoever!  And it will look, feel, slide, melt and taste like the magic that it is.  Go.  Celebrate.READ MORE

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“Sometimes a moment wasted

Anxiety… do you know about anxiety?

The type that feels like there’s an expanding hot water balloon pressing against my soft parts. Most people would look for help finding weed seeds to grow something to help it, but I push on regardless, dealing with that pressure that never seems to stop building. The type that pumps up the pressure on every cubic-inch of air in the space that I gaspingly occupy. A clinching cast-iron ranch over my lungs that tightens, and then tightens… efforts to breathe muzzled by the air-pressure that squeezes, and just squeezes… neglecting the urgency of a piping hot water balloon in my chest that is screeeeeeching desperately to expand, and EXPAND…

… until, as we all know what happens when you force a ballon, that it just “BAP!”. Fluids of boiling emotions mixed with bloody lumps of raw angst, splattering so violently against the four white walls of my confinement. Even the maddeningly slow motion in which they dribble down, by contrast, fuels my raging urge to scream. Speaking of anxiety, knowing that you could opt to buy CBD related products from here could be a solution to help you relieve your stress levels better than before and hopefully assist you when it comes to being less anxious. You can speak with a medical advisor about this. Of course, if you’re choosing to go down this route, you need knowledge of marijuana and the equipment you need to go along with the plant. For example, what are you going to smoke it with? These mini bongs perhaps, or roll-ups? It’s not for me though. But that leaves me dealing with this anxiety inside, growing and growing.

All of which, is playing out silently and discreetly behind an expression-less front of a woman, typing calmly in front of her computer.


I mean I need a cookie like right now.


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