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IN JUST a few days, lays a much anticipated family weekend-getaway to Beijing’s outskirt near the Great Wall.  Long neglected enthusiasm and BBQ-equiped, we were gonna shake the clouds of illness that’s been shit-storming us for the the past entire year, and dare to freaking live again.  Just a few days… juuust a dainty little few days…  And fuck.

My Dumpling has to drop a death threat on me.  I am being punished, for optimism.

If you knew me at all, you’d know that I am a walking train-wreck in situations like these ones.  Not even an usually delightful box of frozen grapes can soothe.  It needs to be boooozed up.  Please, drink up.  And I’ll see you on the other side.


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life, and a drink


It’s been almost 16 months since the moment I sat my lame ass down before a computer, and pessimistically inserted a few doubtful letters down at the domain-registry… “… hmph, yeah right.”  Well, turned out I sort of was.  Disregarding any form of success measured by any numeral digits (it’ll come it’ll com…), this place has been an unexpected release for my moderate creativity and infinite opinions, to vent itself in the form of a blog.  As unconvincing and self-indulgent as I formerly thought it would be, much healthier than a reckless Ebay spree as it turned out… (I confess nothing).

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my road back to alcoholism


I’ve got a lotta nerve coming here telling you about a cocktail. Because if you ever had the pleasure of meeting me in real life, the first couple of things you’d pick up before too late is A). you didn’t really find it a pleasure at all and, B). Uh-hum… I don’t drink. Wooh-oh wait, that’s not entirely accurate. More like, I don’t drink ANYMORE. (Gaaasspp~ AA!!) Pfffff, sorry no. I wish the story was that interesting. The thing is, I was no different than any rule-abiding youngsters out there who at the height of their kick-ass erra, drank for absolutely no apparent reason just to wake up with my neck flaccidly draping over the rim of any my toilet soiled in… well yeah (the number of shower I pulled off safely under this no-state of mind was pretty impressive in retrospect). Then at the first grasp of any level of consciousness to speak of, swore to lay off this demonic fluid for the rest of her life only to have the blur repeat itself the next Friday and, one morning… I actually did. For good.

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