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  1. Kitchen butterfly

    The first photo made me melt. Your colour compositions are outer worldly! Superb

  2. One of The Majority

    Why can this recipe not be in metric measurements, this is what the world uses! Unless if you live in America, Burma, or Liberia then you don’t know what the fuck you even mean!

    I live in America, but I am a proud member of the US Metric Association. You are in China, yet you use the antiquated Imperial system? Do you still weigh yourself in pounds, and what about measuring weight in grains, and volume in drams?

    Get with the times.

    • Mandy L.

      Dude, you must be doing great works to society at the US metric association. I figured you’re probably too busy ridding the world of America’s evil imperial system to spend 2 mins online for some elementary-level calculation, so I did some for you. I’m nice like that.

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