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This week both me and this blog turned one-year older.  As how I count my years since the age of 25, I am now only 17 years away from menopause.  After 30, realism is the new optimism.  But forget me.  Lady and Pups is one-year old!!!  Gosh!  How did that happen and look what we’ve accomplished?  1100+ likes on Facebook!??  Practically legendary really…  187 followers on Weibo?!!  China has NEVER seen such crowds…  OH, stop it…  But the most amazing of all is the birthday gift this DARLING city was carefully hiding from me all this time, a WHOPPING BONIFIED BLUE-SKY DAY all ribboned up for me to wake up to!?!  Nothing but VISIBLE HORIZON and BREATHABLE AIR!?  Aww… Beijing, you shouldn’t have!  It is MY day but I still want you to be the intolerable filthy asshole that you are…


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