“CHOCO RIVER… WIDER THAN A MILE” Today is the third day of the week-long CNY holiday in China, a festive time when binge-eating isn’t…

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Actually… I was saving this post for another time.  Because first of all, something borderline “sweet” and similarly “French-toasty” had already taken the space…

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breakfast burger

Taiwanese like to fancy themselves as major eaters, extraordinaires among the yumness-community.  “Taiwanese food is da bomb!  Huh-huh-hah-hee!”.  “Too spicy for who??!  Huh-huh-hah-hee (…forget…

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apple muffin featured header

Apple++ Muffins

(简体)(繁體) Have I become unintentionally popular among neighbors?  It can’t possibly…  I never join the gathering-in-the-lobby-making-small-talks group.  I give dirty looks to kids on…

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red bean biscuit featured header

Unintended Red Bean Biscuits

(简体)(繁體)   As it was very well documented, Jason and I had a wonderful trip to Malaysia last month.  And needless to say my kitchen…

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egg crepe featured header

Egg Crepes

(简体)(繁體)  I think that more than lunch, or dinner, or snacks and what-nots, people tend to have a more fixated idea on what a…

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red velvet ebelskiver featured header

Red Velvet Ebelskivers

(Chinese versions coming soon) The logic goes that after a feeding-frenzy Malaysia binge-party, that my head and soul should be filled with just Malaysian…

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banana gelato featured header

Gelato for Breakfast

(Chinese versions coming soon) If anyone holds secret addiction for trashy tabloid magazine, uheh… which of course I’m not talking about myself because I…

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