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  1. Story

    This looks so wonderfully rich. And totally get the kale obsession–me too.

  2. Belinda@themoonblushbaker

    Yep all greens need pork fat… not sorry.
    So keen to try this variation on gnocchi; I might need to try deep frying these one day too ( for experiments of course)

  3. Marianne

    Oh mine!!! these look fabulous. Have you ever tried substituting eggs for either flax or egg replacer? I just unfortunately am allergic to eggs so…… Anyway I thought I would try w/o

    • mandy@ladyandpups.com

      MARIANNE: haha! I’m allergic to eggs, too!!! My skin is itchy now because I ate too many of these. I’ve never worked with egg replacer so I can’t say for sure.. Wouldn’t hurt to try a batch a see how it turns out. This is basically a savoury cream puff dough, so perhaps if there’s a “vegan” version of it online somewhere, it would be a good place to start?

  4. Michael S.

    Most of this is in my Kitchen on a weekly basis. I think I’m seeing dinner next Sunday. Question though, Fennel and Coriander leaves, Are these the same as Fennel Fronds and Cilantro? Looking forward to trying this one.

    • mandy@ladyandpups.com

      MICHAEL: yes they are fennel fronds and cilantro! But you can substitute them with any herbs you like. parsley, basil, tarragon…etc.

  5. cheri

    This looks amazing, I am making this in the next few days, love everything about it. I’ve made potato gnocchi but nothing like this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jasmine

    Your description of the average gnocchi is hilarious! I am giving these ones a try.

  7. ana @ eatsandshoots

    I am in awe. I have to say I love the regular gnocchi (perhaps because it remindes me of my childhood’s Sunday lunches with my partly Italian family). But you’re right, it’s hard do get the texture right. This version seems so full of flavour! I’m dying to see how the texture turns out to be. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Allison (Spontaneous Tomato)

    I love this! I mean, I’ve loved almost every gnocchi I’ve ever met, but you’re right that it can be tricky to get it just the right texture when making it from scratch. I’ve never mixed minced herbs into the dough, but I need to try that now. And I’ve definitely never heard of this Bouchon cream puff piped gnocchi craziness, but yours looks so perfect; you’ve convinced me it’s worth a try!

    Btw, another weird thing that makes kale taste surprisingly (extra) delicious is braising/steaming it in the leftover whey from homemade cheese (like paneer).

  9. Erika

    Oh my god. Reading your blog is going to turn me into a well-vocabularied cream puff. These just sound OTHERWORLDLY. Made worse/better by the fact that I just attended “gnocchi night” at my favorite little Italian restaurant (i.e. the only one I ever go to…) where you pay $15 and the servers come around serving you the lightest, most toothsome little gnocchi in about 15 different sauces. Just say “yes” and they’ll pile as much creamy rosemary-mushroom cream sauce or smoked salmon tomato sauce gnocchi as your heart desires. I’m still dreaming about it. And now these!! Thank god for the kale right?

  10. Nik@ABrownTable

    WOW, that’s the gnocchi of all gnocchi’s!!! And, I think this is probably the best way to consume greens. I love your writing and photography!!!

  11. Taryn

    I’ve never heard of gnocchi made this way. I already love gnocchi and kale so this looks like a must try!

  12. Debra @The Saffron Girl

    Hi Mandy,

    These look delicious!! I’m so going to be making a version of them (no flour/paleo) soon! Love, love your blog and just voted for you in the Saveur competition. I wish you would’ve been nominated for writing too because you deserve it! what a great blog in everything: ideas, writing, photography.
    xoxo Debra

    • mandy@ladyandpups.com

      Debra, thank you so much for support!! I think you should be an editor in Saveur. Yes.

  13. Bill@thewoksoflife

    What a combination of great stuff! Will have to try this.

  14. LJ @notsolazysundays

    how the hell did you NOT get a nomination for writing? seriously, I’m not much a reader of food blogs, I get much too distracted by the photos, but gurrrrrrrlll, I make a genuine effort for your lols. Congrats on the best photography nom!!!, you’re getting my vote!!!

  15. Erika

    Gurllll you are killin me right now. I need to get down with this gnocchi because damn it looks amazing! annnddd Congrats on the Saveur nomination!

  16. Meike ° eat in my kitchen

    Your Gnocchi look fabulous, I like the idea of the minced fennel leaves!
    Congrats on your Saveur nomination!
    Greetings from Berlin,

  17. Archana @ The Perfect Zest

    Insane! the gnocchi and your writing..
    so easily made vegetarian minus all the red stuff.. I have to venture into this. I have been too afraid to try gnocchi

  18. Irene @ {a swoonful of sugar}

    MANDY congratulations again on being a saveur finalist, you definitely deserved it! And these gnocchis look incredible, I’ve yet to taste gnocchi good enough in restaurants to make me want to attempt making my own at home but your photos and flavour combo and honest writing is convincing me otherwise. ;)

  19. Laurie

    Hey Mandy,

    This reminds me a bit of spaetzle, only you don’t have to cook the dough/batter before cooking in liquid. I even bought a spaetzle maker! Also it has similar additions. Fresh herbs (especially sage), cheese and brown butter. It is delicious.

    Your recipe for gnocchi sounds much better than the usual potato ones. They are so heavy. Speaking of kale, my friend puts it in spaghetti sauce – it is not bad.

    I voted for you, of course, for Saveur. Your writing is so hilarious I can’t believe they left you out of that one.

  20. shellsten

    oh gosh.
    I. have. to. make. this.

  21. Sara @ Cake Over Steak

    This is just absolutely insane, and I love it.

  22. Elizabeth

    So these herb gnocchi, yeah, they were stupid good. I used half whole wheat flour and half APF…dough was perfect. You give great directions. I quickly declared them one of the best things I’ve ever made and eaten…sooooo delish. So glad I have enough left to make a second round tonight…

  23. Lynna

    LOL. Like, spring thunder?? Is it weird that I still haven`t tried gnocchi, yet?? This dish looks incredible. You have one lucky husband, since he can try all of this amaziness!

  24. Erika

    Okay so after much planning, my roommate and I made this for a potluck this past weekend and OMG PHENOMENAL EXPLOSIONS WERE HAD IN OUR TASTEBUDS. We made this almost exactly as written (omitting the pork and coriander and subbing gruyere for the emmental and Greek yogurt for the creme fraiche) and I just felt like a Michelin chef or something. I was a sweaty disgusting mess by the end of cooking (partly because I went off on a 2 mile run in the middle of the process) but it was SO WORTH IT!!! Thanks for an excellent recipe!

  25. Ursula

    I’ve made this twice now. The flavours are so deep and varied. My husband and I loved it! Thanks so much for this recipe.

  26. ami@naivecookcooks

    I never knew that gnocchi could be made without potatoes?!!!!! Shocked but its so late and this recipe of yours is making my mouth water! No food in sight, Cereal here I come!

  27. Natalie

    Hi Mandy!

    That looks and sounds amazing, I’m so gonna try it.

    Quick question, if I’ve got too much of the Gnocchi dough and would like to save it for later, should I cook it first or keep the dough as it is and wait until I next use it?


    • mandy@ladyandpups

      Natalie, you should finish the blanching. Then scatter them on a tray and flash-freeze until firm. Then keep them in air-tight bags until next use :)

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