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  1. Story

    This my top my recent new favorite popcorn with ancho chili and lime. Cheese and browned butter can’t go wrong.

  2. Katrina @ WVS

    Yep, this popcorn and me are about to have a date. Yum!

  3. drew

    All that girl stuff is great, but I am going to hit this up when I watch True Detective tomorrow night! It is only fair that dudes should be allowed to take advantage of this as well…

    • Tess

      Oh, wow, I’ve just found your website and to say that I’m in love with your recipes, photography and writing (you’re very funny!) would be an understatement!

      I’m not a fan of chick flicks (or even the term “chick flick”), I have to say. And I’m a girl, but I prefer shows like “True Detective” — to the guy who commented above… ;)

      That being said, I’ll have to try some of this popcorn, perfect for binge-watching House of Cards or Game of Thrones!

  4. Stephanie

    This sounds positively excellent! When my husband (Jason as well!) leaves for work I find myself curled in front of the telly watching all the movies I love, which include but are not limited to: Sex & the City (of course!), Bridget Jones’ Diary, Twilight, and There’s Something About Mary. I’ve seen cheese powders available but never got near them because of the icky stuff they contain. It’s really great to know you can make it yourself at home with really little work at all! So awesome.

  5. Lan | morestomach

    i’m not a popcorn kind of girl, but smother it with some caramel and my ass doesn’t fit into my skinny jeans any more.

    i always always always stop to watch He’s Just Not That Into You and Step Up when on tv, both filmed here in Baltimore, both incredibly awful.

  6. cheri

    Wow! You have definitely elevated this dish, dried cheese crumbles. Oh Yeah!

  7. Sophie

    BRAVO, homemade cheese powder! I could kiss you myself. I so rarely give myself time to watch a full movie but I recently fell in love with a recent version of Jane Eyre (the one with Michael Fassbener — hello, darling!). You’ve Got Mail is one of my favorites too, though. Meg and Tom were always great together! Thanks for another fabulous recipe and technique!

  8. Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

    I’ve been wanting to have my ladies over to watch “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with me…now I know the perfect snack!

  9. Ambar

    I LOVE this post:)

  10. cynthia

    It just figures that someone who somehow just knows my deepest craziest food cravings would also just know my cheesiest chick flick picks. LOVE this collection!!! Hahaha. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched that remake of Pride & Prejudice … not even sorry. And um, homemade cheese powder?! Girl. You just win.

  11. Erika

    OH GET OUT. GET OUT. My boyfriend and I have the deeeeeeeepest obsession with white cheddar popcorn…like no joke when they stopped carrying our favorite brand at our local Kroger, he walked to Walgreens and bought 3 bags (resisted the urge to buy 2 more). I tried making stovetop popcorn a few weeks ago and sprinkled it with butter + parmesan but you’re right–the sog from the melted butter is just not good. I cannot wait to try this!!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling this will seal the deal with the bf ;) If he proposes, it’s your fault.

    I love that you love the Vow! I have a personal soft spot for Bend It Like Beckham. The Princess Diaries. She’s the Man. I have such trashy taste in movies. And of course allllll the Disney movies except for Pinocchio.

    • mandy@ladyandpups.com

      Erika, I know exactly what popcorn you are talking about! Oh if he proposes, this popcorn shall be served at your wedding.

  12. Lynna

    Popcorn is one of my ultimate weaknesses!! I must try this!

    You`ve Got Mail is definitely one of my favorite chick flicks. She`s the Main, 17 Again, and Bridgemaids are some of my favorites, too. Hehe.

  13. Lisa Z

    The Sure Thing, Crossing Delancey, and Room with a View!

  14. Jack Guard

    I don’t know WHO you are or from what planet you came from…..but you are FREAKING BRILLIANT—-I have been so happy to find your site and your recipes are so finely worded and exquisite that anyone can make these wonderful dishes….I too have a ‘popcorn” recipe that ROCKS the house but am afraid to share it for fear some (*&)(^%$$ will make a billion 人民币 off my idea… :) Cheers to YOU..

  15. june2

    The Proposal (sandra bullock)
    Emma (gwyneth)

  16. Deanna

    So I was craving cheesy popcorn, but was out of dried powder. Which made me sad until I decided I’d try to speed up the drying process by putting all the cheese a sheet tray and baking it like I was making fricos. Then I crumbled it. Cheese popcorn in 20 minutes flat.

  17. Daphne

    I LOVE browned butta on my homemade popcorn, but this, ohhhh THIS is brilliant. My dutch extra-sharp Gouda is drying NOW. Tomorrow…well tomorrow I get LUCKY! Woot-woot!! :)

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