April, 2012

pepper sauce features header

Confit on Fire

*UPDATES IN INGREDIENTS. But the world wants this.  A Chili Pepper Confit. This is not a chili paste, or a chili oil, or a…

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Rise baby Rise!

Cuz I don’t brown up nice in the oven.  NO!  I meant I can’t bake!  I’m paralyzed in the field of baking because I’m…

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lamb ribs featured header

Nice Rack

There are many who shy away from lambs, including a number of my personal friends.  So I’m not going to say anything rude here,…

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cacio e pepe

A Roman Daydream

So, here it goes. I’m going to start this story by making a confession.  I have…never been to Rome. I forged this recipe after…

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